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Tuesdays with Corey Episode 15
Feb 13 2019
Corey Reick
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On this January “Tuesdays with Corey” radio show, Corey interviews industry expert, Yelena Epova.

Yelena Epova is the partner-in-charge of the international tax services at Aprio. She specializes in advising domestic and international companies on international tax issues and tax planning strategies regarding inbound and outbound operations. She also assists clients with domestic tax issues by providing tax planning and compliance services.

As a Russian speaking CPA in the state of Georgia, Yelena is an active participant in both the local and international business community. She is an active member in many professional organizations, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants, where she participated in the Leadership Development Program. She also sits on the board of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce. Yelena is former chair of the board of the Georgia Council for International Visitors and chair of the 2013 Consular Ball. She is a graduate of the 2011 Leadership Atlanta program and received the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s 2011 Global Impact Award for Service Providers on behalf of Aprio. She is currently a member of Morison KSi’s North American board. Previously, she was an active member of Baker Tilly International, where she chaired the North American International Tax Committee for six consecutive years. Yelena has written for numerous publications on various international tax issues. She is also a frequent speaker at many international and domestic seminars including those pertaining to businesses entering the U.S. market.

Tuesdays with Corey Episode 16
Feb 15 2019
Corey Reick
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On this February “Tuesdays with Corey” radio show, Corey interviews industry expert, Jill Heineck

Jill Heineck is a leading authority on corporate relocations, and is highly sought after for her real estate industry acumen and business insights. As a published author, frequent panelist and keynote speaker, Jill shares her experience and perceptions with people from around the globe.

Jill is a founding partner of Keller Williams Southeast, established in 1999, and the founder and managing partner of Heineck & Co. Her real estate practice specializes in corporate relocations, individual relocations, luxury residential, and commercial properties. Jill’s analytical approach to problem-solving, along with her expert negotiation skills and sophisticated marketing, deliver superior results to her clients. Her winning strategies and tenacious client advocacy have earned her a reputation for excellence among Atlanta’s top producers.

While Jill has received many accolades throughout her career, she is most gratified by the personal testimonials and referrals she receives from her clients. Jill’s unwavering commitment to the customer experience, and her focus on the unique needs of each client, serve as the foundation of her success.

Tuesdays with Corey Episode 17
Mar 6 2019
Corey Reick
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On this March “Tuesdays with Corey” radio show, Corey interviews industry expert, Liz Parker

Liz Parker is Founder and Principal of LT Consultants. Liz is a seasoned facilitator and performance coach. She works with executives and teams to inspire leaders and ignite results. Together, they identify areas of misalignment then focus on those projects that will truly transform the client’s organization. Her experience entailed 13 years of working within a global network that operated with virtual teams. This experience helps her relate to the needs, issues, and concerns of many clients who are facing similar situations like these today. A key component of Liz’s 19 years of consulting success is selecting the most appropriate “intervention” for the business or cultural situation. This includes surveys and assessment tools to engage and empower individuals to become aware of their own behaviors and capabilities. She has worked with multinational organizations in worldwide leadership development, cross-functional team dynamics, strategic planning and coaching across Asia-Pacific, Australia, Europe and the UK, the Middle East, South America and the U.S.

Liz thrives on finding commonalities among various cultures as well as respecting differences so that all can work together, using their strengths, to obtain the desired results. She uses assessment tools to provide objective feedback. Liz relies on her honesty and integrity to address sensitive issues that others are afraid to discuss. She helps leaders at all levels re-discover their passion and purpose and do it with practical thinking.

Tuesdays with Corey Episode 18
Mar 13 2019
Corey Reick
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As the CEO of Simple Fat Burn, Cathryn Marshall teaches people to get fit fast and make it last. As a motivational speaker, author and fitness educator, she teaches simple strategies that result in immediate change. She coaches clients online, via webinars, phone, and text message accountability.

Cathryn coaches professionals to acquire clients, build their network and to get immediate results. The Simple Fat Burn Certification includes business development, networking, marketing and social media skills for professionals. Cathryn is the author of Simple Fat Burn: Three Steps to being Fit & Lean, available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble. She has sold over three thousand copies, and the book is being sold internationally.

With 22 years of experience in the personal training and fitness industry, Cathryn offers custom designed fitness programs to create immediate change. Her specialization is creating strategies for motivation, behavior modification and fat loss. Cathryn sets the bar high for a standard of excellence in the personal training and nutrition education industries.

Connect with Cathryn on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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