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It’s Personal to Me
Apr 2 2014
Corey Reick
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It’s critical to know who surrounds you, particularly when you are contemplating conducting business.

Long Term Care is a deeply-personal topic that everyone should learn about, hopefully before it is too late. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about this matter is that we, as a family, did not take advantage of health qualifying for long term care insurance when we had the chance. My mother and father reviewed this issue over 30 years ago, and like many, did nothing at the time. Unfortunately, after considering the issue– my mother became uninsurable in the interim and also—like many—realized that although money pays for it, health buys it.

As a result of this personal experience, I have focused on Long Term Care Education and Planning since 2001. When I began to concentrate on Long Term Care, I first focused on helping others get to an understanding of what Long Term Care is and once this is accomplished—after learning more about them and their circumstances— could secondarily articulate what action or inaction could mean for themselves and their families while at the same time understanding that there really is no right or wrong answer on this issue. There is, however, your answer.

If my experience could help you and your family, I’d be more than happy to share it.


Overthinking – A Mixed Blessing. I Think…
Aug 15 2014
Corey Reick
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I enjoy thinking and planning—I’ve been told—on occasion—too much.  In fact it took me 15 minutes to craft that sentence.

I relish in, look forward to, and fully enjoy considering all of the angles of a situation—and the subsequent planning/ endeavoring to remove all of the rocks out of my proverbial river long before my boat is even close to crashing into them.

When I am gearing up for a full marathon, I consider and plan out every run on my 16-20 week schedule, prior to starting training.  I also plan out the what/when of my cross-training strategy to execute on the days when I’m not running.  I fully document distances covered on each run and training session, as well as the calories expended with each activity.  After all, part of the payoff is how many hamburgers the (calories burned) effort can be translated into!

The planning process of Long Term Care implementation, like preparing for a marathon, can be stressful. It’s hard to see the rocks in your river up ahead. That’s why having someone who has already navigated the river is critical, and having someone that is committed to a methodical, systematic comprehensive planning process is key. Preparing for the future can be scary but when you have the right plan in place the waters can become clearer.

So, while you may pull your hair out if you’re in line behind me as I pick out my RedBox movie, you’ll thank me as we cross the river of Long Term Care without any stumbles and keep your clothes from getting wet.

How to find out if Long Term Care isn’t for you.
Sep 16 2014
Corey Reick
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Long. Term. Care.

When those 3 words are spoken, what comes to mind?  Something you’ve been waiting to discuss?  Something that you’d rather leave as the “elephant in the room”? Or something that you’ll address if and when the opportunity presents itself?

Long Term Care Planning isn’t for everyone—but Long Term Care Education is. To truly evaluate if this care makes sense for you, consider talking to or engaging with a Long Term Care Specialist that is:

  1. Neutral in terms of the solutions that they provide
  2. Education-focused, not sales-focused
  3. And most important: Interested in building a relationship with you

Simply having a conversation can improve your outlook on Long Term Care planning and put you in the necessary mindset to prepare for the future. Even if you’re not ready to start planning now, education is key so when you are ready you’ll know where and how to start.


You call it “Insurance.” Your family calls it “Re-assurance.”
Sep 16 2014
Corey Reick
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Not having a Long Term Care plan can have many consequences. The most devastating could be the lack of financial security for your family in the future.

To avoid this, follow a simple 3-step process:

  1. Education – pick a product neutral advisor to educate you on your best options
  2. Underwriting – based on your advisor’s feedback, pick a carrier and strategy to be successfully underwritten
  3. Funding – allow them to help formalize a plan to reach your financial and insurance goals

Having a Long Term Care plan is the best gift you could ever give your family; the “re-assurance” that they are no longer responsible for your future care.

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