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Corey Rieck is the president and found of The Long Term Care Planning Group. He helps high net worth individuals better manage long-term care expenses to avoid sacrificing their financial plans and family relationships.

Corey became focused on long-term care planning after managing his parents’ finances as they aged and needed long-term care. He realized there had to be a better way for people to receive the best possible long-term care without forfeiting assets and depleting their bank accounts.

Corey knows how to help protect your financial assets and wealth management with a funding strategy for long-term care. He can answer your questions and explain why you should not rely upon government programs or only your family members for long-term care.

We have arranged for you to set up a free, no-obligation LTC Consult with Corey Rieck. Corey will confidentially and personally evaluate your family’s specific needs and answer all your questions on long term care. This consult fee, normally valued at $99.95, is waived when you mention that you saw us in Cobb InFocus magazine.

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Click the button below to schedule your free, no-obligation LTC Consult with Corey Rieck of The Long Term Care Planning Group (a $99.95 value). Or, you can call (678) 814-5088 to schedule a meeting over the phone.


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Sometimes the best way to learn more about a complex topic is to attend a short webinar to start with the basics. Even if you already have done long term care planning, you may still have unanswered questions about your coverage or plan. This webinar is about 20 minutes. Corey quickly introduces himself and then covers important details you need to know about long term care planning. You’ll also receive a summary PDF overview for your review.