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MarketMate Atlanta: Author and Speaker John Fenton
MarketMate Atlanta: Author and Speaker John Fenton
Nov 1 2019
Corey Reick
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John Fenton helps CEOS, Business Owners and Executives energize their businesses, execute on their strategies for success with greater results, and empowers them to lead and live their life by their design. John’s proven methods result in better teamwork, enhanced leadership skills and methods to better manage stress.

His work with executives and business leaders includes One-on-John Coaching℠, workshops and team facilitation, challenging them to think differently and achieve more. He delivers thought-provoking and experiential workshops, retreats and presentations to companies and organizations, leadership groups and others, integrating the latest thinking on leadership, teamwork, team building and trust incorporating the art of self-mastery.

John’s mission is to inspire executives and entrepreneurs to be their authentic best.

Formerly the managing partner of the Atlanta office of one of the largest accounting firms in the world, John has worked with CEO’s and executives for almost 40 years. He helps executives and business leaders achieve success with fewer hours and improved relationships. John guides CEOs, business owners and executives challenging them to think differently, take bold action and create meaningful results.

John is an executive coach and mentor, bestselling author, a Member of the Forbes Coaches Council, a certified Brain Management Consultant, a healthy lifestyle coach, and an expert in the art of self-mastery and a black belt in Tai Chi. John’s new bestseller 5 Minute Mastery™ is available on Amazon. He is a certified Vistage Speaker and member of the Business Resource Network in the BDO USA Alliance.

In college, John competed on one of the Nation’s top collegiate football teams and he incorporates his experience as a business leader and a leader on championship teams in his coaching and workshops.

Connect with John on LinkedIn and Twitter. Listen to our full MarketMate Atlanta interview with John Fenton below.


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