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Tuesdays with Corey Episode 12
Sep 27 2018
Corey Reick
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On his September “Tuesdays with Corey” radio show, Corey is joined by Diana Murphy, Executive Wellness Coach. Diana supports busy executives and sales leaders in taking care of their health and overall wellness. Clients who’ve worked with Diana experience less stress, more confidence, and a comfort level around food and exercise they had not realized was possible. She understands the challenges of time and stress and provides a variety of tools to get clients back on track and in control of their wellness. Diana helps them clear the clutter of their brains and really own what they want to be doing to become their best selves! Click here to view the Diana Murphy Coaching website.

If you want to get your Long Term Care Planning right for you and your spouse, you must speak to Corey. His Phase I made sure I understood a fairly complex set of options – no pressure.
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