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Tuesdays with Corey Episode 13
Oct 16 2018
Corey Reick
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On this October “Tuesdays with Corey” radio show, Corey interviews industry experts, Marcy Fortnow and Kim Ellet.

Marcy Fortnow is the founder of Engaging Play, a company that provides training and team building for organizations so that they can work better together, communicate more effectively, be more productive, and have more fun. Marcy is a uniquely qualified entrepreneur; she is an expert in the integrated aspects of business and has a unique and creative approach.

Kim Ellet is a certified professional coach and owner of The Growth Coach of Metro Atlanta. Her mission is to inspire business leaders, teams, and motivated individuals to commit to a higher vision of who they can be and what they can achieve. Kim specializes in coaching sales and management teams.

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