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A Crucial Career Move: The Certification in Long Term Care Master Class

Are you a financial advisor, insurance professional or accountant? Then please consider the Certification in Long Term Care Master Class as an important step for your clients, and your career. The class and subsequent CLTC certification will help you become a long term care planning expert, better serving your clients and your bottom line.

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There are a lot of myths about Long Term Care, including the need for it and how much it costs. You can be the one to provide expert advice to your clients and dispel commonly held myths.

As a Certified Long Term Care expert, you’ll become the go-to source for your clients while creating a lucrative new source of revenue for your business. Long Term Care is on many people’s minds. There’s a lot of confusion, fear and doubt about paying for long term care over time vs. when the actual need arises. Many don’t know who to turn to for help. You can be that person.

Don’t let a Long Term Care event unravel your clients’ financial futures. From promoting health to preserving wealth, as well as the lives of potential caregivers, you can help your clients face the future with confidence.

The fact is, the impact of an unexpected need for long term care has serious, if not irreversible consequences to families and their finances. Long term care costs can be as high as $90,000 or more per year per person, and no other insurance pays for it. Whether uninsured or underinsured, this can unravel even the best financial plans.

You can be the one to help your clients understand the increased flexibility and reduced cost of paying now rather than later. Protect your clients by providing expert advice and recommendations about their long term care planning.

Don’t let someone else help your clients with Long Term Care. Shouldn’t that someone be you?

Sign up for the Certification in Long Term Planning Master Class today!

This was my first class after pre-licensing. I’m so glad I was encouraged to attend. The information was phenomenal. I learned all about long term care insurance in two days – how to have the conversation and start the process. Corey was great!
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