Webinar Registration

Would you like to learn more about long term care and how it can impact your family and finances? Register for our webinar: What You Need to Know About Long Term Care, Related Expenses and Planning.

As more US citizens are reaching their 40’s and 50’s, there has been increased interest from corporate executives and business owners like you to learn more about long term care planning.

They are interested in learning more for themselves, their employees, and their clients. Sometimes the best way to learn more about a complex topic is to attend a short webinar to start with the basics. Even if you already have done long term care planning, you may still have unanswered questions about your coverage or plan.

This webinar is about 20 minutes and after the webinar you'll receive a summary PDF overview for your review.

The Long Term Care Planning Group knows how to help protect your financial assets and wealth management with a funding strategy for long term care. He can answer your questions and explain why you should not rely upon government programs or only your family members for long term care.

When you decide to explore long term care financial solutions, we you them step-by-step through a highly confidential and systematic process to optimize their funding options.

Here's how we get you moving forward with your long term care insurance needs:

  • We review existing personal long term care policies.
  • Discuss personal options for long term care funding.
  • Create a long term care employee benefit as part of an executive compensation plan.
  • Assist financial advisors and insurance agents with a review of their clients’ existing long term care policies or discuss their funding options.