Why Use a Long Term Care Insurance Specialist?

One of the things that distinguishes The Long Term Care Planning Group is our exclusive focus on long term care planning since 2001. Corey Rieck and his team are considered experts in long term can planning. Clients appreciate working with us as their long term care insurance specialist for several reasons.

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Long Term Care Insurance Specialist
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

Industry Expertise and Relationships

We have working relationships with all the major carriers in the long term care marketplace. We only care that our clients have options and will work with carriers to find the best match based on how he or she presents medically.

As long term care insurance specialists, we take you to what is most amenable to your medical history. If there is no medical history, you will likely have a lot of options. If there is medical history, it almost always requires a second strategy for us to find a carrier more amenable to your medical history.

Our clients find our confidential and consultative approach we take reassuring. They know we will achieve the best possible outcome for them as their long term care insurance specialist.

It's important for us as your long term care insurance specialist to understand your tenure, medical history, surgical history and medications they've taken in the past or are taking currently. Then we can connect them to the right carrier that fits them from an underwriting perspective.

To have the most options and get the best premium choices, we highly recommend you do your long term care planning and purchase the insurance when you're younger than 50 and most likely healthier than if you wait until you’re older.

Long Term Care Education is Foundational

As your long term care insurance specialist, we will help you understand what long term care is and is not. We will ask you questions and listen to your experience with long term care either with a loved one or someone else you know personally. It’s important for you to also be given the chance to understand the history of long term care insurance so you know how premiums are set. Since there are long term care location and venue options, we’ll need to talk about where you want to live and what level of care you believe will be best for yourself or a loved one.

One of the most prevalent myths about long term care is thatMedicaid health insurance or disability insurance pays for long term care expenses. This is a confusing topic we’ll explain carefully so you will make an informed decision on where long term care fits into your overall financial planning.

Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

Knowing all your options for the continuum of long term care services and housing is a top priority. We’ll look at costs in your area or the area you would prefer receiving long term care or possibly plan to retire.

Long Term Care Insurance Specialist

A word from Corey Rieck, MBA, CLTC

As a result of my firsthand family experience with the need for long term care, I decided in 2001 to devote the remainder of my career to helping individuals, companies and organizations become more fully educated on long term care.

I have been fortunate to help thousands of people all over the United States on this very important matter. As a long term care insurance specialist, I am truly client-centric with the emphasis always on education first. I have worked with all the major long term care insurance companies at high levels and I remain truly carrier and instrument neutral. Said differently—I take the necessary time to understand the client needs and then explore the market fully on their behalf. My approach has been described as systematic, thorough and consultative. My goal is to always make people better off for having discussed this topic with me.

My educational offers are multi-dimensional highlighted by web-based tools, paper-based tools and perhaps most importantly—people based tools.

There are many ways for you to benefit from my knowledge, experience and approach as a long term care insurance specialist shared with individuals, professional associations and companies. Give us a call to talk you through your long term care options (678) 814-5088. This is a complimentary, no-obligation conversation.

Corey Rieck

Corey Rieck

President and Founder

Corey Rieck, CLTC, helps people better manage potential long term care expenses to avoid sacrificing their financial plans and family relationships.

Corey became focused on long term care planning after managing his parents’ finances as they aged and needed long term care. He realized there had to be a better way for people to receive the best possible long term care without forfeiting assets and depleting their bank accounts. Since 2001, he's been 100% focused on helping people understand long term care planning and find the best funding options available to them.

Corey knows how to help protect your financial assets and wealth management with a funding strategy for long term care. He can answer your questions and explain why you should not rely upon government programs or only your family members for long term care.

When a person decides to explore long term care financial solutions, Corey takes them step-by-step through a highly confidential and systematic process to optimize their funding options.

Corey helps employers, their employees and individuals in these ways:

  • We review existing personal long term care policies.
  • Discuss personal options for long term care funding.
  • Assist financial advisors and insurance agents with a review of their clients’ existing long term care policies or discuss their funding options.