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LONG TERM CARE – When those three words are spoken, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? There certainly is a lot being discussed and written about this issue. This website will give you the clarity you need about the following main questions about Long Term Care. It is meant to answer your initial questions so that you can thoughtfully begin your Long Term Care Education.

This website will assist you with the following initial questions:

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If you want to get your Long Term Care Planning right for you and your spouse, you must speak to Corey. His Phase I made sure I understood a fairly complex set of options – no pressure. Phase II only proceeds if you want to. It was only because of his knowledge of the individual preferences of the carriers that he was able to provide the best plan for us. To cap it, he guided us through the many funding options until we had exactly what we needed. I am so glad he is "on my side". ~Austen Jackson, Vistage Chair