Overthinking – A Mixed Blessing. I Think…

I enjoy thinking and planning—I’ve been told—on occasion—too much. In fact it took me 15 minutes to craft that sentence.

I relish in, look forward to, and fully enjoy considering all of the angles of a situation—and the subsequent planning/ endeavoring to remove all of the rocks out of my proverbial river long before my boat is even close to crashing into them.

When I am gearing up for a full marathon, I consider and plan out every run on my 16-20 week schedule, prior to starting training. I also plan out the what/when of my cross-training strategy to execute on the days when I’m not running. I fully document distances covered on each run and training session, as well as the calories expended with each activity. After all, part of the payoff is how many hamburgers the (calories burned) effort can be translated into!

The planning process of Long Term Care implementation, like preparing for a marathon, can be stressful. It’s hard to see the rocks in your river up ahead. That’s why having someone who has already navigated the river is critical, and having someone that is committed to a methodical, systematic comprehensive planning process is key. Preparing for the future can be scary but when you have the right plan in place the waters can become clearer.

So, while you may pull your hair out if you’re in line behind me as I pick out my RedBox movie, you’ll thank me as we cross the river of Long Term Care without any stumbles and keep your clothes from getting wet.